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State Fair of Texas

  • Lamb/Goat/Breeding: (Order Form & Payment Due April 15th.)
    • Market lambs and market goats validated for the State Fair of Texas & Heart of Texas MUST RE-VALIDATE for 2021 Major Shows in October
    • Sheep/Breeding Goats: Beginning June 1, 2021, registered breeding sheep, registered breeding goats, wether/commercial dams, and wether/commercial does will have 3 total years of eligibility UNLESS A CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP TAKES PLACE. This will be offered during major show validation as well. Put plainly- if you validate for State Fair during the June 2021 validation period, your validation will be eligible until June 2024, unless a change of ownership occurs during that time- then you must re-validate. If you validate during the October 2021 validation period for major shows, your validation will be eligible until October 2024, unless a change of ownership occurs during that time- then you must re-validate.
    • 21_Tag_orderform_State Fair LambGoat


  • Swine: (Order Form & Payment Due April 29th.)
    •  2021 State Fair and Heart of Texas Show Validation Information
      • Tags can only be ordered by the County Validation Chairman (this is why we have a deadline).
      • Deadline for validating all pigs will be set by chairman (prior to June 30, 2021).
      • Purebred (registered gilts) must be validated
      • Date of ownership, transfer and registration must all be on or before validation date.
      • Purebred (registered gilts) must have registration papers uploaded into the validation system by July 15, 2021.
      • Crossbred Gilts showing at the State Fair of Texas and Heart of Texas MUST be validated.
      • State Validation tags must be in the pigs ear when it enters the holding pens
      • 21-tag_orderform_state fair swine

 Steers: (Order Form & Payment Due April 20th.)  21_tag_order form_steerheifer

Major Livestock Show Entry Forms & Rules

We will be open from 8am – 5pm and closed during lunch.


Social Security Number for ALL Exhibitors

Quality Counts Number for ALL Livestock Exhibitors

Check for Payment of Entry

Rules and entry forms will be added as they become available.


2021-2022 LINKS Just for reference right now.


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